5 months ago
Aliases for Removal
In the Aliases there are a few that should be removed. Namely the capitalized ones.

"MTT|MasterTimeTheif" because 'Thief' is misspelled.

"Myohel0|Myo" because the ordering is backwards, causing it to think that myohel0 should be replaced with myo as opposed to the other way around.

"jon|ProtonJon" should be considered for replacement with "jon|protonjon" or "jon|proton_jon" to maintain consistency, because booru tags are traditionally lowercase. booru tags are also not case-sensitive, so consistency is all it affects.

On that last note, if any real people in the pieces have a preferred spacing for their names (e.g. ProtonJon vs Proton Jon, being tagged as protonjon vs proton_jon), those should be considered for proper aliasing and tagging as such.

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