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Rules and Guides
Hello and welcome to Protonjon's Booru site. Just a few rules.

1. No NSFW posts. This includes
-No Nudity (Bikini is the Bare Minimum)
-No Genitalia
-No Nipples at all
-No Gore
Example: post #186

2. Intermission Gif Submissions and re-uploads must be submitted off-stream

3. Please keep any TRG artwork relevant to the current project or a seperate event within the past 1-2 weeks. This is a booru for ProtonJon, not TRG.
- You may also submit art of Lucah, Bagel, and people who are/have been on Co-Comm recently

4. No reposting/stealing other peoples content, please make sure any artwork you post is your own.

5. Please put some effort into your posts, we can tell when you are rushing out art to get it seen rather than making it good

If you are unsure about a rule please submit your art to Jon on Twitter

Image counter sizing. Please no photoshops.
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