5 months ago
How did you first start watching Protonjon
Everyone has their stories, so tell yours :)
5 months ago
How you ask?
I started back when chuggaa first mentioned having Jon as an inperation. That’s how.
5 months ago
It involved Holy Hand Grenades, Girders, and Worms. It was a really long time ago.
5 months ago
Found Jon from watching Wacky World back in 2009. Found out about his livestreams a couple days after the Pepsiman VOD went up, lurked for a few years then started subbing. A lot of hit or miss moments with my art/eggs on streams.
5 months ago
Back in like 2010-2011? I found TRG and fell in love with their content. I subbed to Chugga and Tim and Jon. And then a few years later made a twitch account and found out that Jon had a twitch channel and I've been watching his streams ever since.
5 months ago
It started when I happened upon chugga's TTYD lp (can't remember when exactly this was), which eventually lead me to TRG, and it was sometime after I started watching Jon's solo videos that I learned of the existence of Twitch and Jon's streams.
5 months ago
I remember I found Chugga's Super Mario Sunshine LP because I didn't know anything about the game and I just wanted to look up gameplay footage so I had an idea about the game, but I liked it so much that I watched his other stuff and got hooked. I found Jon and NCS through TRG obviously, and then learned about Jon on stream, etc etc etc, you can piece things together from there.

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