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Posted on 2019-08-08 09:38:25 by WolfThunder29

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In case anybody's curious, this is "SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden". It's loosely based off of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", with characters in this based off of characters from that. It's actually the second "SD Gundam" work that does this, the first being "BB Senshi Sangokuden". The difference with "Sangoku Soketsuden" is that it portrays the Yellow Turban Clan as the "Yellow Zombie Virus", which mean the story takes place in a Zombie Apocalypse. There's a Net Anime with the first episode up on GundamInfo on YouTube, and the second episode will be up tomorrow on August 9th.

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There's also two comic series, "Soshoki" and "Enkotan". "Soshoki" stars Cao Cao Wing Gundam, while "Enkotan" stars Sun Jian Gundam Astray. "Shosoki" has a Motion Comic adaptation on GundamInfo on YouTube as well, yet oddly "Enkotan" doesn't. Both are available on the official website to read, though.

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So, correction on the episode release schedule; The second episode was never planned to release on August 9th, that was just misinformation from the Gundam Wikia. GundamInfo themselves have stated that all episodes are planned to release on "the 4th Friday of every month" (, so the actual release date for the second episode is August 23rd. My bad.



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