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Posted on 2019-08-13 09:22:39 by Pickiest_Pengu

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Pizza and Alignments were mentioned so I made pizza alignments for when your ordering pizza for a group.

LG: Pepperoni is almost always a safe bet.

NG: Meat lovers is well liked by most.

CG: Deep dish is a pain to eat anywhere other than at a table.

LN: This is what you order when you care a bit too much about health it still has meat, but also has veggies so it's kinda heathly.

NN: Cheese is the pizza you order when you can't be bothered.

CN: Hawaiian might cause a disagreement or it might not

LE: Veggie pizza is the "I wanted healthy pizza so suck it up" option

NE: Mac and cheese pizza is just... WHY?!

CE: Haggis pizza for when you hate your friends

sorry if this is too much



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