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Posted on 2019-10-09 10:34:10 by SquadalaGuy

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Greetings Jon! This is me from the past! Well, to be honest its Wednesday evening as of now (Aussie timezone, fyi). As im listening to the latest Game Clearing stream via VOD, one of the co-commentators made a joke idea for the next TRG stream (which im looking forward to this November!), and since no one drew this scenario, i had to do it myself.

So here's what will the next Runaway Guys stream will look like! TRG's Dry-Painting Competition!

Of course, Jon gets enough rotten luck to win the bid of receiving a fan so he can win easily. Tim gets to think about stuff like toilets and poop while waiting for his paint to dry. (Now that i think about it, i should've made him blindfolded because that was mentioned in the joke...)

And as for Emile? Well of course he's dumb enough to try to check if his paint is dry, with his fingers. And we all know that touching the paint means disqualification.

At least its less painful for Emile to watch Canadian grass grow in wintertime when compared to Emile playing Sticker Star, haha.

I hope people enjoy this drawing from that joke idea from last Tuesday's (or Monday's, i dunno) stream.

Speaking of TRG, im predicting that either the next series after Star Fox 64 is Mario Party 8, or maybe MP8 will be recorded this November? Who knows, but its been a year since the last Mario Party LP, so im quite excited!!

Hopefully you are all having fun during tomorrow's stream! (Well, today's stream if Jon is reading this...) This is Danny, signing off.



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