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Posted on 2019-10-10 04:17:12 by NaotaKenichi

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Does anybody remember how in the early tens a bunch of video game marketing teams all collectively thought that the best way to market their game was a piss yellow picture of dude with gun? Remember how that lasted so long even a serendipitous game like Doom 2016 did the same exact thing with its boxart? I started this as a concept to compare "protonjon" boxart, with a sepia tone companion piece. This was spurred on by Monday's conversation about Quake's enemies and environments being forgettable compared to Doom's. But this turned into a much bigger undertaking. Yet another, playing around with brushes, I don't know what the frick I'm doing, kind of project. If you haven't seem it, this a direct homage to the Switch boxart of Doom 2016, which is badass and leagues better than the PS4's. Stream references naturally made their way in, plus a giant boob demon cause reasons... I wanted to make everything colorful to prove my point, but I didn't want straight up green Doom Slayer armor, so I went with RosaJon blue. When I got done painting in the base of the figure I realized I accidentally made Samus... I then shrugged and said fuck it.

The irony of this whole two day project is that the Quake boxart has been traditionally just variations on the Quake logo. Well, accept for Quake Champions and some console versions of 2 that feature some crazy robot enemy that I'm pretty sure is just a doctored up in game screenshot.



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