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DM "You enter a strange room with blue engravings on the wall. You notice an ominous glow. Before you could react the glow engulfs your entire party."
"Wait what?"
DM "It's in the boxed text!"
DM "As the glow diminished you appraise yourselves and conclude that none of you were harmed. Then you look in your inventory.
All of your supplies have turned into cookies!"
"Even our weapons!?"
DM "Especially your weapons!"
"Aw man, I knew I shouldn't have splurged on that Mythril forged lance."
DM "Now...gimme all your cookies."
"Wait what?"
DM "Hand them over, now!"
"I thought you weren't-"
DM "What part of gimme your cookies don't you understand?"
"*Sigh* the third time this week."



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