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Posted on 2019-10-10 06:15:50 by AriZonia

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(The rest of the WIPs for this won't be posted on the booru, just not to clutter, this one just happens to have Jon and Lucah, hence why it's here)

Anyway, been fighting against Clip crashing all night, but managed to get these done. Behold, the first set of RunawayRonpa characters in Fighting Game Character poses! Feat. Emile as Hazama from BlazBlue, Masae as Linne from Undernight, Jon as Naoto Kurogane from BlazBlue, and Lucah as Margaret from Persona 4/Arena Ultimax

For fun, I imagine Emile as some sort of slower character but with good combos (methodical), Masae as the fast ninja type (she has her knife after all), Jon as a boxer/wrestler (I don't know why), and Lucah as the ranged mage (hence why she's flying)

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Also, I think my favourite idea for this stupid idea is that Jon has a move that he grabs his opponent, and then slams them on either side of him a few times before kicking them away



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